Because your air-conditioning unit is one of the most important appliances that you should have in your housing system, you should make sure that it’s always in proper condition. It can work both in cooling and dehumidifying air, making it extra useful all throughout the seasons. If you are contemplating if your unit needs an aircon chemical wash in Singapore or not, here are the following factors that you should consider:

1. You cannot turn on your unit anymore

If your unit does not turn on anymore, that is already a great indication that there is something wrong with the system and it needs repair as soon as possible before the problem deteriorates. You should consider having an aircon chemical wash to find out what the problem is and determine if it can be restored to good condition or not.

2. Elevation of electricity bill for no particular reason

You should also consider an aircon chemical wash if you notice that your electrical bill is increasing without no particular reason. It may be because your air-conditioning unit is consuming too much than usual. Treating your unit will help you in cutting down the costs in the long run.

3. Water leakage in your AC unit

You should also consider if your AC unit has problems inside of the system itself. This problem will eventually lead to water leakage in your AC unit. The clogged dirt in the evaporator coil, air filter, and condenser drain may cause the problem. Therefore, an aircon chemical wash can be extremely useful in solving the problem especially if it involves clogging in your AC system.

4. Unexplained allergies in family members

If you noticed that your family members are more prone to allergies this time around, it might be because of the particulates in the air and bacteria that are caused by a dirty air filter or an air vent that needs cleaning. A chemical treatment is required in removing all these impurities and making sure that the AC unit only emits clean air for the family.

5. Foul smell from your AC unit

It is unusual for an AC unit to have such a bad smell. Hence, you should immediately take it for a chemical treatment once you notice that there is a bad odor coming from the unit. This just indicates the presence of molds growth inside the unit. To get the id of these microorganisms that can damage your unit, a thorough cleaning of your AC unit is required. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible unless you hire the right company to do the job for you. Find out more about the company that can help you.

Watch out for these five warning signs of a malfunctioning AC unit that calls for a chemical treatment in Singapore. Waste no more time and start looking for a Singapore company if you think that there is something wrong with your AC unit or if it’s on the verge of getting damaged and deteriorate.