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Membership in the Heidegger Circle is open to all interested scholars.


$35 per year for full-time faculty and employed independent scholars
$15 per year for students, adjunct faculty, emeritus professors, retirees and the unemployed
$500 for a permanent, lifetime membership

Members have the right to attend the yearly Heidegger Circle meeting. They have access to the Heidegger Circle Forum and Documents sites, including discussions of Heidegger, conference Proceedings, and more.

Membership is renewable at the end of every calendar year, except for members who choose to sign up for a recurring payment using PayPal (see below). These members will be charged by PayPal on each anniversary of their initial payment, unless they choose to unsubscribe.

The Circle is a registered nonprofit organization; dues and tax-deductible donations are used for conference expenses and other organization business.

There are three ways to join. Once the secretary-treasurer receives your payment by any of these methods, you will get a confirmation and will be invited to our Forum.

1. Sign up for a recurring membership payment using PayPal (PayPal account required):

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2. Make a one-time payment using PayPal (credit cards are accepted):

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$500 (lifetime membership)

3. Mail a check in US dollars to the Secretary-Treasurer, payable to The Heidegger Circle
(please include your e-mail address for confirmation):

John Rose
Dept. of Philosophy
Goucher College
1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, MD 21204